Advanced 1 Week Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan

  • Prakriti Analysis
  • Your Health Quotient Assessment Dieted’s ABCD Assessment tool to determine your personal nutritional needs.
  • You will get a detailed One week Customized diet plan with suggested nutritional advice based on your current health status using our validated assessment tools.
  • One query mail from you will be answered without an extra charge.

Kindly note:

  • To post any other query, all you will need is to type your membership number and deposit Rs. 200 only to get the answer.
  • Assessment of your progress of the diet program followed by you for a month along with updated nutritional advice will be at a cost of Rs. 300 only.
  • Your nutritional goals will change after a successful adherence to the assigned diet program. You will need a new plan to help you reach closer to your desired goal. Get a new 1 week plan at Rs. 750.
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