If you are tired swinging from one craze diet to the other, following one nutrition controversy after another, it’s about time to follow a program that is based on scientifically sound principles of balanced diet. It is not necessary to be overweight to follow our customized nutritional program for you. To keep fit, healthy, within the ideal body weight range and disease free, you need to guide yourself to a diet that is suited to your body type. It is about time to skip the fads and focus on scientifically sound nutritional guidance. Your search for the same ends here.

Who needs this program?

  • If you are 30 and over you need a nutrition correction and preventive plan
  • If you are overweight and at any age.
  • If you have a family history of any lifestyle related disease.
  • If you are a hypertensive/diabetic/osteoporotic yourself
  • If you are an expectant mother
  • If you suffer from hormonal imbalances
  • If you are a junk food addict
  • If you have been used to unhealthy food habits predisposing you to serious health hazards.
  • If you are looking at figure correction/body building

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